San Pablo PD investigating fatal shooting of pregnant woman

SAN PABLO, Calif. (KGO) -- In San Pablo, police are looking for both leads and suspects after Monday night's shooting of a pregnant woman. Both she and her unborn child died.

Police have been reluctant to talk as are many neighbors or potential witnesses.

Off camera, neighbors said that they saw 18-year-old Ilayshia McCoy show up at the corner of 17th Street and Turner Avenue on Monday night, where she got into an argument with the residents of a house.

"I am not going to get into motives. We are working on leads and have cooperation from the public," said Cmdr. Sidney DeJesus with the San Pablo Police Department.

San Pablo police say McCoy died from gunshot wounds in an attack that also killed her unborn child.

One of her friends told ABC7 News that she was seven month pregnant and that it is a dangerous neighborhood.

"Every time my mom or sister goes out, I worry that something bad will happen to them," said Fernando Padillo, a friend of the Ms. McCoy.

Neighbors say that whoever shot McCoy did so from a car and then sped off.

They claim to not know either the victim or shooter. San Pablo police say they do have leads and making progress.
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