Some San Francisco students resilient following shooting, parents concerned

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco police say they are still searching for suspects accused of shooting four students in the parking lot of June Jordan High School in San Francisco Tuesday.

Police have only a vague description of the suspects.

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The students ABC7 News spoke with seem resilient and their parents concerned.

On Wednesday, there was no official update on the condition of the victims because they are minors.

In the meantime, police say they are working with school officials to make sure they can do what they need to do following an active shooter situation after what school officials are calling a miscommunication Tuesday.

Signs of solidarity are seen one day after the shooting at a school known for equity and social justice. "You can just smell community when you walk in, you can just feel it when you come in," student Nalayh Linton said.

One female student and three male students were injured as school let out. "This is very concerning that we would allow someone to come in within this perimeter and make it okay to harm and hurt other innocent children," parent Mario Baines said.

"Police initially believed there was an active shooter," parent Mario Baines said.

"You have to attack this very aggressively. You can not stand by and wait," SFPD Ofc. Carlos Manfredi said.
Police sources told ABC7 News some staff were uncooperative.

Something San Francisco Unified School District confirmed Wednesday calling it a miscommunication. "The administration informed them that the shooter was actually outside the school and they should pursue the shooter outside. The police insisted on entering the school with their guns drawn to conduct the active shooter protocol," San Francisco Unified School District Chief of Student, Family & Community Support Kevin Truitt said. "I know it was some teachers that were just saying why are the guns drawn, you know in a frantic scary state," Community Health Outreach Worker Dorian Glover said.

SFPD officials issued a statement by email saying: "We are working together to make sure that we do not have a delay in service during any active shooter situation so as not to compromise the safety of any person, staff member or student."

"Once everything was settled, once everybody knew everything was calm everything went smoothly after that," Glover said.

The San Francisco Police Department issued a statement saying: "The San Francisco Police Department and the San Francisco Unified School District are aware that there may have been some confusion as to the responsibilities that are officers may have had when dealing with a staff member at June Jordan High School during the time of the shooting on Tuesday October 18, 2016 at 3:20 PM. We are working together to make sure that we do not have a delay in service during any active shooter situation so as not to compromise the safety of any person, staff member or student."

The San Francisco Unified School District issued a statement saying: "All of us in the San Francisco Unified School District are deeply troubled by the incident that took place yesterday afternoon in the parking lot at June Jordan School for Equity (JJSE). Our understanding at this time is that a small group of outsiders unaffiliated with the school came to campus around the time of school dismissal, targeting a particular JJSE student for reasons that are presently unclear. Sadly, four students were injured during the incident. They have received appropriate medical attention and are recovering from their injuries.

We want to thank the San Francisco Police Department for their support immediately following the incident and for their work in the ongoing investigation. We are also grateful to the paramedics and medical professionals who tended to our students, and we are committed to supporting our students and their families as they overcome their physical and emotional wounds. We also appreciate the offers of support immediately made by Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor John Avalos. Finally, we commend JJSE's leaders, faculty and students both for their steady, calm and caring actions as the situation evolved and for the dedicated and courageous efforts that they have already begun to heal from yesterday's events.

I need to state emphatically that this isolated event, although awful, should not be viewed as a negative reflection on JJSE. June Jordan is an intentionally small, extremely safe school focused on deep and caring relationships between all students and adults. All those connected to this school take great pride in, and put special care toward, creating a nurturing community rooted in the shared value of social justice. Through its small class sizes, college-going culture, and focus on rigorous, independent thinking, many JJSE students become the first in their families to attend college.
Though only four students were physically injured, this terrible incident has shaken everyone in the community, particularly the staff and students at June Jordan. Fortunately the school has a strong tradition of coming together daily to discuss challenging topics and to support one another. In addition to coming together as a community, JJSE has trained counselors who will be meeting with students and faculty. We deeply appreciate the educators and students at June Jordan School for Equity and will proudly stand by them through this disturbing, but temporary, challenge."
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