Harvard grad overcomes drug addiction, homelessness

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- Norma Heath's journey to graduation contained a few more road bumps than most people's.

Not long ago, Heath hit rock bottom. Twelve years old when her family moved to Boston from Honduras, Heath descended into years of darkness when she became involved in substance abuse and prostitution.

But two years ago, Heath showed up at a women's shelter called Rosie's Place, where she found a home and hope.

"This goal thing is good! Once you start reaching them you say, 'Hey! I want to graduate from Harvard!'" Heath told ABC. "And the girl said, 'You can do it!'"

Heath, now 51 years old, began taking extension courses at Harvard, and earlier this week, she received a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Her goal now is to help others.

"A lot of people that could use the help, the inspiration, that's what I'll be thinking about. All the lives I'm going to touch," Heath said.

From homeless to Harvard, Heath is living proof that it's never too late to achieve your dreams.
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