Volunteers work to reunite more than 70 cats with families after North Bay fires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Almost four months after the devastating North Bay wildfires, a search and rescue mission continues for missing cats lost in the blaze. Hundreds of volunteers are working around the clock to reunite these felines with their owners.

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"We never leave these unattended for any length of time," said Erika Whittemore, who attempted to catch a cat with some fish-flavored food and a trap.

She'll be out in Santa Rosa's burned-out Coffey Park neighborhood all night long with hopes that a lost cat wanders in.

"They're out here alone and scared," Whittemore said. "They want to go home and be home."

"Once I trapped my first cat I was hooked," said Jennifer Petruska, who started Pet Rescue and Reunification by herself. "The goal, in the beginning, was just to feed the animals, while everybody got collected I didn't plan on this being a huge venture."

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Most lost dogs were found after the fire but many cats took off running. Now, hundreds of volunteers have joined Petruska from Napa to Santa Rosa looking for missing felines -- and finding them.

"I'd say we've caught about 70 and reunited about half that," Petruska told ABC7 News.

The organization's Facebook page showcases many of the touching reunions.

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