Oakland A's announce plans to build new stadium near Laney College

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Oakland A's announce plans to build new stadium near Laney College
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Oakland city leaders expressed mixed feelings today after the A's announced plans to build a new stadium near Laney College because they're not convinced it is the best place.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Oakland A's announced Wednesday that they plan to build a new privately-funded stadium near Laney College.

City leaders expressed mixed feelings as they're excited the A's want to stay in Oakland, but aren't convinced the Peralta site is the best place.

The site is located between Lake Merritt and I-880 where there are warehouses, parking lots and administrative offices for the Peralta Community College District.

The team is looking at breaking ground in 2021 and opening the new $500 million ballpark in 2023.

Of course, a lot of other things have to happen before that, including permitting, environmental approval and ballpark design.

They also need to buy the land from the Peralta Community College District.

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The chancellor released a statement saying no decision, commitment or deals have been made.

"They absolutely have to convince Peralta this is a land deal that Peralta wants to engage in and that is their work that they have in front of them," Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said.

"There's a lot of people who do not speak English as their first language, do not know their rights as tenants. So, these are all things that I want to make sure that we make a concerted effort as a city that tenants know their rights," Oakland Ccouncilmember Abel Guillen said.

The Peralta site is right next to Laney College, where about 20,000 students are enrolled.

Schaaf has pushed for the Howard terminal site in the past, while others like Guillen would like the A's to stay at the Coliseum site.

They also say other planned site features will include affordable housing, space for small businesses, restaurants, parks and more.

On Friday, the A's tweeted "a ballpark site in Oakland will be announced later this year."

The response from fans on Twitter was largely that of excitement. A new ballpark is likely to be received positively by players and coaches, too, as Oakland's facilities are known for being, well, less than glamorous.

The Athletics have called Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (among the five names the park has been designated) home since they moved from Kansas City in 1968. The A's share the stadium, which opened in 1966, with the NFL's Oakland Raiders.

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