Muralist rips down 'love wall' in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Hundreds of Post-it notes from Oakland's so called "love wall" have been torn down.

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Those notes represented people's hopes and fears following the presidential election.

Until Tuesday, a wall on the side of Peet's Coffee near Lake Merritt was filled with sticky notes following Donald Trump's presidential win.

Many speculated that it was the weather, but quickly found out that it wasn't the rain, rather a gentlemen with a stormy disposition who showed up and began taking down the few notes that remained.

When asked why he was taking the notes down he said, "Why not."

Oakland resident Stephan Tompkins, 85, said he is responsible. "This is art mister, you understand. We've got 200 of these in the neighborhood," he said.

He means 200 murals like the one Tompkins says he helped design at the Lakeview school. The other reason he wanted the notes gone. He's a Trump supporter.

"We got a president," Tompkins said. "Trump is our president. He's our president. You gotta go with it."

He had some choice thoughts about the people who posted the notes. "Tell me what you're saying, nothing. Just an empty expression. Some child who didn't get the right kind of training," he said.

Others disagree. "I thought it was a nice statement," said one passerby.

"It was obviously not favorable to Trump with hope, and I thought it was really cool," said another.

In the meantime, some new sticky notes have begun popping up on the building next door.
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