Oakland teachers announce strike date for Thursday, Feb. 21

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Teachers in Oakland announced that they will go on strike next week.

They had been waiting for a key report from the state that came out Friday. The state's full report can be seen here.

At a meeting at the Oakland Education Association office in Oakland, teachers announced they will strike on Thursday, February 21.

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Teachers in Oakland announced that they will go on strike next week.

"Bargaining with the district has not -- in two years -- produced an agreement that will pay teachers enough to allow them to stay in Oakland, or make class sizes more conducive to teaching and learning, or provide our students with the supports they need to thrive," Oakland Education Association President Keith Brown said.

Teachers have been threatening to strike for months saying goes to years of neglect and overspending by the district.

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The three main points the Oakland Education Association is fighting for are smaller class size, more counselors and nurses for students, and a 12-percent raise over the next three years.

"Oakland teachers cannot afford to live in Oakland. One out of five leave each year and 500 classrooms are left with inexperienced teachers," Oakland Education Association President Keith Brown said.

The Oakland Unified School District said in a statement they were hopeful the teachers would continue negotiations.

"We are hopeful that this can be changed. We asked them this morning...we have a comprehensive proposal ready to go and present it to them. We still believe that we can head out the strike," John Sasaki, Oakland Unified School District Spokesperson.

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This decision comes after a fact-finding report that tried to find middle ground for a compromise between the two parties.

Meanwhile, Oakland Unified School District says they want to go to back to the negotiation table.

The City of Oakland has said it will provide safe spaces at 15 recreation centers and all public libraries to support Oakland families affected by the strike.

The Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development Department will open the Allendale, Arroyo Viejo, Brookdale, Bushrod, Carmen Flores, DeFremery, Dimond, Ira Jenkins, FM Smith, Franklin, Golden Gate, Manzanita, Montclair, San Antonio, Redwood Heights, and Mosswood facilities from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Volunteers will help facilitate the days for students and provide food.

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