Applepie toys of Orinda makes Christmas wish come true for boy with autism

BETHPAGE, Long Island (KGO) -- A New York boy with autism will have his Christmas wish come true - thanks to a toymaker that operates here in the Bay Area.

The mother of 10-year-old Michael Clyne says her son never talks to strangers. But this year, he approached Santa Claus and shared his wish: the "Applepie Ginger Cat." He's become obsessed with the wooden toy after seeing it online. Michael's mother wanted to surprise him for Christmas, but the toy was discontinued.

"He made his first official request to Santa Claus and said okay, we need to make this happen, we have to figure this out," said Jeanie Shelton-Clyne, mother.

They got it figured out, thanks to strangers. Their story went viral. People online flooded Applepie Toys with messages. A director with the company tracked one down at his Orinda office. "Applepie Ginger Cat" is expected to arrive this week.
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