Crews to assess damage to coastal access path in Pacifica

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- Work crews are expected to look at a huge sinkhole that's blocking beach access in Pacifica. There are new concerns Monday morning for those living high above that path.

A 30-foot section of concrete path buckled and collapsed into the ocean during the recent storms. Dave Moorehouse shared drone video of the collapse, showing a large green pipe now exposed and clear view through the hole down to the surf.

This is the only coastal access path off Esplanade Avenue in Pacifica.

"It's terrible. I think a lot of people are scared. Those who live close to the ocean and the properties, their values are going down," Pacifica resident Regina Sabogal said.

"It's a real bummer. We just put in, the city just put in some big money to create this access I think two years ago. And you can see mother nature is going to have her way," Pacifica resident John McManus said.

Just feet away, more earth underneath the apartment building at 310 Esplanade has crumbled, putting it even closer to the edge.

The city yellow tagged the building last winter and demolished two other buildings last month after erosion made them unsafe to occupy.

The Pacifica city manager says the coastal access path is actually private property owned by a nearby apartment community.

So far, management has not responded.
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