Owner says pug stolen outside SF Whole Foods in desperate need of medication

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco woman is desperately seeking the public's help in finding her beloved pug. Phyllo was stolen outside the Whole Foods on Market and Dolores Streets on Thursday and is in desperate need of his medication.

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"My guy was right there, where this little guy is sitting. That exact same spot," said Stephanie Lee, who left Phyllo in a designated dog spot just outside the entrance while going inside to get coffee.

Whole Foods gave Stephanie a copy of their security video which shows a person interacting with Phyllo, then seen picking him up and eventually walking away with him. The person who stole Phyllo is said to have blonde, frizzy hair.

Whole Foods employees told Stephanie that they've seen the person inside their store in the past. Stephanie says time is critical. The 12-year-old pug is deaf, blind in one eye and needs to take his cancer medication daily.

"I've been walking up and down Market. I've been going to every neighborhood in San Francisco to try and find him," said Lee.

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In addition to flyers, Stephanie is spreading the word face to face and through social media.

"I feel like a big part of me is missing right now and I just want to reunite with him and be able to take him home. I can't imagine how scared he is right now," said Lee.

Friends and family are doing what they can to help. Many have chipped in for a 5-thousand dollar reward for Phyllo's safe return.

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