Unicorn escapes, gets 'timeout' for being 'bad pony'

MADERA, Calif. (KGO) -- People living in the Central Valley couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what they thought was a tiny unicorn roaming the area.

Juliette looks more like something you'd find in a fairytale than on a farm.

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The little pony belongs to 5-year-old Tatum Boos.

But on Thursday, Juliette got away. Boos said something spooked her and she took off.

"I was afraid. She got a timeout because she was being a bad pony," Boos said.

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People driving in Madera County called 911, saying there was a unicorn on the loose.

Juliette led the CHP on a chase for more than three hours.

Thankfully, they caught her.

Juliette is, of course, not a real unicorn. But she has a fake horn that we think looks pretty believable.

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