Darling duck fetches little boy's lost sandal in the Philippines: Video

PHILIPPINES -- A woman captured a sweet moment between a duck and a little boy who lost his sandal in the Philippines.

Myla Aguila said she was at the right place at the right time earlier this month. Her video, which garnered plenty of attention on Facebook, shows a little boy, who appeared to have dropped his sandal off an embankment.

He was unable to get it back on his own. However, a duck waddling around at the bottom of the embankment somehow knew to pick up the shoe. The duck then attempted to bring it back up the little hillside to the boy.

After several tries, the bird was finally able to reach the boy and "deliver" the sandal back to the child.

"I asked around, and people told me that the duck is not owned by the boy. But they come from that same small village, so they must be friends," Aguila told local media.
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