United Airlines flight from Sacramento lands at Bush Airport after hazmat situation on board

HOUSTON, Texas -- Passengers on board a United Airlines flight bound for Houston had a scary night after being quarantined upon landing.

United flight 2087 arrived at Bush Intercontinental Airport's Terminal D from Sacramento, California on Friday evening.

As the flight landed, the travelers were told a potentially toxic substance exploded from a bottle or vial. Passengers were also told they would be okay.

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Passengers captured the scene on their cellphones. Exclusive video shows at least 10 fire engines and emergency vehicles and multiple first responders at the scene as passengers were placed inside a bus.

One person was questioned by police upon landing, according to United.

The airline issued this statement to Eyewitness News:
"United flight 2087 arrived safely to Houston from Sacramento and was held in a remote location while hazmat reviewed a spilled liquid. Customers were bussed to the terminal and one customer was questioned by police."
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