Bay Area residents react to round 2 of Democratic debates

DUBLIN, Calif. (KGO) -- Healthcare, immigration, and of course, President Trump were all topics that entered Thursday night's Democratic debate.

Diverse candidates tackling diverse subjects was a welcome surprise for many.

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Becky Barrera is from Castro Valley and said, "It was really cool to see the mix of people in age but also across socioeconomic status across their careers."

The room was filled with those who backed Bay Area Congressman Eric Swallwell.

The viewing party took place in Dublin, in his district. Pride filled their faces as they watched Swallwell on a national stage.

Long time friend, Ellis Goldberg said, "We need leaders and leaders bring champions and Eric will be a champion. He has been a champion."

Voter Shirley Lewandowski supports both Pete Buttegieg and Kamala Harris. She said this about Buttegieg, "He comes across very transparent, not scripted and well prepared with how he knows the issues."

Ric Villasenor supports Kamala Harris.

"Based on her persona and how she presents herself very knowledgeable and very dedicated."

Front runner Joe Biden was considered a little out of touch with the younger generation here.

While Bernie Sanders still had a strong support base.

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Paul Karsh said, "He's been progressive, he's maintained the same positions for many years, he's not afraid to be who he is."

This audience was looking for clear, concise, and genuine voices from the candidates.
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