Bernie Sanders supporters in San Francisco talk about Hillary Clinton

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Even though Hillary Clinton will be the first woman nominated for president, many women feel gender alone is not a reason to support her and that's particularly true among younger women.

Many gathered for a watch party in Oakland Thursday, to watch Clinton give the speech of her life and perhaps calm those Bernie Sanders supporters and perhaps close the generation gap.

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The name of a coffee shop in San Francisco is Bernie's, but this coffee shop is all in for Clinton."It's very important to me," said the cafe owner. "I would really like to see her win."

Her employee, 22-year-old Gillian Spangler, likes Bernie. This is representative of the generational divide that presents a challenge for Hillary Clinton. "I think I need to see more authenticity from her," said Spangler.

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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff says it's hard to strike a balance, especially for women. "Of authenticity, of emotion but also control, of competence, but also care," she said. "These are hard no matter what your gender is, but it is true that it is complicated by our pre-conceived notions of women and of leaders."

Hillary Clinton is shattering the glass ceiling, but why are so many younger women seemingly more impressed with Sanders' ideology, than this pioneer?

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"I think it's a matter of ideologies, I think as you're younger, you're more idealistic and when you get older, you become more realistic on what's possible," said Bernie Sanders supporter Meagan Fishell.

Still, she will now switch allegiance to Clinton. So will Spangler and Vermont native Eric Wagner.

"I'm not going to do anything to get Trump into office," one man said.

That is likely the mantra of others who were feeling the Bern.
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