Secret message found in Cal professor's resignation letter to President Trump

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- It is the resignation letter read around the country, if not the western world.

"Stepping away from a position I value did not come easily and it saddens me to have to do so," said Dr. Dan Kammen, a Nobel Prize sharing climate physicist at UC Berkeley.

Today, he resigned publicly from a prestigious role as a science envoy with the Department of State. His letter contained a not-so-subtle message. Take the first letter of every paragraph, put them together, and they spell the word, IMPEACH. "There was no accident in the paragraphs. I take pride in writing and like to think I did it with meaning," said Dr. Kammen.

The letter moves beyond science and cites presidential statements about Charlottesville, although Mr. Trump's stepping back from the Paris Climate Accord certainly played a role. Essentially, the letter cites everything that President Trump has done, or not done.

"I can't speak for what is motivations are, but whether it is having an anti-science agenda, anti-environment, or anti exclusivity, his actions speak loudly on this," said Dr. Kammen.

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His letter resonated loudly in Sausalito, today, where members of Congress heard from the public in response to indications that the Trump administration may open marine preserves for oil drilling.

From Representative Jackie Speier, "There are experts dropping like flies because they believe this President is a fraud.

From Representative Jared Huffman, "Toxic is no one wants to be in the room with this President."

We also reached out to Tom Del Beccarro, the former head of California's Republican Party, who said, "This is good news for the President's agenda. We now have a federal bureaucracy and people hang onto these roles for a very long time. It's good for people from the previous administration to step down so President Trump can bring in new people to advance his agenda."

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