Fire concerns remain high in East Bay while some try to enjoy heat

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Thursday, June 6, 2024
East Bay fire concerns remain high as some try to enjoy heat
Fire concerns remained top of mind for first responders in the East Bay during the Bay Area's fire heat wave of 2024.

BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KGO) -- Although fire concerns remain top of mind for first responders in the East Bay during the Bay Area's fire heat wave of 2024, some folks found ways to enjoy the hot weather.

During the heat wave, more than 120 anglers from across the country have set sail in Oakley, hoping to make their biggest catch of the year.

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"I'm from Kentucky, western Kentucky, it does get warm there but we don't often hit triple digits," said Alan Gray, Director of the Western Toyota Series Tournament. "All of our staff are sweating, sticky, hot."

The series kicked off at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, when anglers were encouraged to hydrate early and often and to wear protective clothing.

"If we don't take care of the fisherman, and the resources being the fish, then we can't have fishing tournaments," he said.

Because he says, all fish caught here, are released back into the water every night.

"These anglers are professionals, they'll take care of the fish down the water, they'll put ice in there as the day goes, they'll put product in there called G Juice to take care of the fish," he said. "If they bring in, we'll call it an 'expired fish,' which they rarely do, they're penalized."

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Meanwhile, people all over the East Bay spent the day trying to avoid the heat.

"And it's super hot today, sorry, let me turn the AC down sorry I have it on blast, I'm just preparing for the heat, it's already 90 degrees, just waiting for my daughter to get out from school," Kate Baraz, a Brentwood resident said.

Still, it wasn't too hot for 82-year-old Heriberto Lopez out of Antioch to go on his daily two to three-mile walk.

"I feel great, I feel like walking no matter what, the sun or cold," Lopez said.

But triple digits in Brentwood are keeping crews from the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District on edge.

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"We are in those prime, I hate to say it like this but those good fire conditions for vegetation, as far as vegetation fires are concerned," Capt. Chris Toler, a spokesperson for the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District said.

Already seeing smaller fires earlier this week, fire officials are asking hikers to use common sense and take plenty of water to avoid getting stuck and tying up their resources.

"That gets priority over the fires so we have to prioritize those responses so if you call us and you're up on the mountain, we're coming to get you and it could be quite a few people coming to get you, it takes away from the vegetation response," Toler said.

Fire officials are also reminding families to pack extra sunscreen, wear protective clothing and try to limit your outdoor activities in this heat.

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