OPD chief announces 'significant' arrests in recent surge in home invasions, robberies

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Thursday, June 13, 2024
OPD announces 'significant' arrests in home invasions, robberies
Oakland Police Chief Floyd Mitchell held his first press conference to announce arrests in home invasions and commercial burglaries and robberies.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland Police Chief Floyd Mitchell held his first press conference on Wednesday. It was to announce "significant" arrests in what he calls a "recent surge" in home invasions and commercial burglaries and robberies. A few of the people arrested are just 17 years old.

"Over the last couple of months, our special resource section, which consists of community resource officers, our crime reduction team officers, and our patrol officers, have been working diligently to identify to apprehend individuals and groups responsible for large number of crimes within our city," says Chief Mitchell.

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The data is in. And the outlook appears good for Oakland. New numbers from the city suggest a drop in crime. But is that the whole picture?

Chief Mitchell says two separate groups of adults and juveniles were arrested, who are responsible for more than 30 burglaries between January to April. They are also suspects involved in 20 other felony crimes around the Bay Area.

"It appears as though there are small groups acting in concert. We haven't seen it as a larger, coordinated criminal effort in our city," explains Frederick Shavies, Acting Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Investigations.

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Three teens were killed in two separate shootings in Oakland early Monday morning, according to police.

He says, last month, two more juveniles associated with these groups were arrested. Those two were involved in 20 separate robberies and burglaries, most in the Hegenberger area. They mainly targeted fast food restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores.

Police say there is no evidence that these groups are actively recruiting juveniles.

"We have not seen any evidence that these individuals, either these four, or any other individuals, are being recruited, trafficked as it were, to commit crimes in our community," says Shavies.

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As for the home invasions, police say the suspect, Derrick Behrens, targeted homes in the Highland Park neighborhood. The suspect would park his car blocks away and the scope out homes. Police say they don't know why he picked those specific homes, but says community assistance played a big part in this case.

"The good thing is, we have the help from the community. The biggest thing that assisted us in our cases is the utilization of video surveillance cameras throughout the neighborhoods And also the calls we are getting from our neighbor," says Omar Daza-Quiroz, Acting Captain for the Felony Assault and Robbery Unit.

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