Peninsula beach has high levels of bacteria, report says

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Saturday, May 25, 2024
Peninsula beach listed for high levels of bacteria in 2023 report
According to Surfrider Foundation's report, high levels of bacteria were found at three California beaches -- Linda Mar in Pacifica was one of them.

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- New data is revealing questionable water quality at some of California's beaches.

Surfrider Foundation just released their 2023 Clean Water Report. High levels of bacteria were found at three beaches in California. Linda Mar in Pacifica was one of them.

Palo Alto resident Sean Sewell says he surfs here often.

"I guess just a little surprising because the water always looks very clean and always feels super nice," Sewell said.

Surfrider's Blue Water Task Force sampled from over 500 sites throughout the U.S.

Mara Dias, Water Quality Senior Manager with Surfrider Foundation said it's about being informed. The report is to build awareness of issues that affect water quality at the beach like storm water or old sewage pipes.

"Pet waste you if you don't scoop your poop when you take your dog out, then you know that gets washed down to the water all this stuff, and pollution ends up in the creek and eventually flows down to the beach and that's where we get concerned," Dias said.

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The report said the consistently polluted San Pedro Creek could be contributing to high levels of bacteria at Linda Mar.

"It's good to know what it's from and hopefully we can do something about it," Sewell said.

Is the water safe to swim in? Dias said people need to turn to their local water quality information.

"Don't swim near those storm water outfalls or the creeks, you know, like in the ocean is fine the creeks tend to be what drains the pollution off the landscape," Dias said.

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A reminder before you head to a beach this summer.

"You think about is it sunny or is it rainy, you know what are the wave conditions, are there strong rips? Oh yeah water quality - that's a thing too," Dias said.

Depending on the location, the data from the report will go to local officials like city councils or water boards.

Pacifica resident Jennifer Chen said she is up to date with the local newsletter and has an app to refer to water quality.

"It is a concern, I have little kids and they love to come visit the beach and play in the water. I told her just your feet, versus the whole body," Chen said.

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