California elections: Bay Area voters gather for DEM, GOP watch parties

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In San Francisco, there was a good turn out for the GOP watch party.

Republican members told ABC7 News they'll be keeping a close eye on the congressional race tonight.

Chair of the SF Republican Party, John Dennis, is running against incumbent Nancy Pelosi and four others.

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Executive Director Clint Griess says it's the second place they're fighting for.

He says Pelosi has been absent on speaking about San Francisco's problems like homelessness and our street conditions, that she's focused on national issues like impeachment.

"We're really counting on his victory tonight so that we'll have eight more months drawing San Franciscans attention to Nancy Pelosi's failures," Griess said.

San Francisco republicans said membership is up, and they feel like they have momentum.

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In San Mateo County, there was a big Democratic watch party.

The San Mateo County Democratic Party held a watch party Tuesday night. Members and politicians in attendance supported candidates across the ballot.

"Young Dems - I certainly see a trend among people supporting Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders," said Erin Chazer of the Peninsula Young Democrats.

The watch party was held at an IBEW hall, where Steven Brooks says the union members are split.

"There's a lot of bickering amongst our members between Biden and Sanders," said City of Belmont Vice Mayor, Charles Stone. "I started out a big Kamala Harris fan and I've always been a Joe Biden fan. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times. I'm currently backing Elizabeth Warren, but I'm voting blue no matter who in November."

San Mateo County Democrat member, Rudy Espinoza, said that more of his peers have recently started supporting Vice President Joe Biden.

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"I've been surprised to hear in my groups of friends that I thought were more progressive just kind of shift towards the more moderate candidate, Biden because they see him as the one who can win states like Michigan and Florida to beat Donald Trump. At the end, a lot of people made decisions not based on policy specifically but more so, who can beat Donald Trump."

Harini Karishnan, who is on Biden's Finance Committe, explained that the work is just beginning for Democrats, who need a unifying voice.

"Regardless of who the Democratic nominee is, if we don't flip the senate blue and we don't keep the house blue, it doesn't matter, nobody can pass the legislation whether it's climate change or immigration reform or healthcare reform."

And while there was a difference in opinion about which candidate to support, everyone agreed that California's early March primary has been a game-changer as far as making Californian's voices hear.

"California is part of super Tuesday because of our local assemblymember here in San Mateo County. Kevin Mullin is actually the person who introduced the bill to get our primary move dup. So this is home initiative, so we're so proud of him for being part of this," said San Mateo County Democratic Party Chairwoman, Nicole Fernandez.

"It's important because usually we were seen as an ATM by the presidential candidates. The front runners had already been established by the other states and then they catered their message to those states, and then they'd come to us as an ATM. But now they have to cater their message to Californians and consider our priorities and what we need."

In 2016, California's primary vote didn't take place until June.

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