Would you pay to use express lanes on Hwy 101, I-280 into San Francisco for quicker commute?

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Transportation officials are studying the possibility of adding an express lane to Highway 101 and Interstate 280 to help ease congestion headed in to San Francisco from the Peninsula.

Drivers would have to pay to use the lane although officials haven't determined how much at this time.

A spokesperson for the transportation authority said the next step is to ask the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for funding to study the idea further.

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Some drivers ABC7 News spoke with said they aren't too sure about the idea. "That's crazy we pay enough. That's going to end up getting congested too, there's not enough room everywhere. I don't know, I am tired of paying for everything," Ty McDonald said.

Ty added that it would make more sense to just leave earlier for your destination.

Officials first started talking about the possibility of carpool lanes as there are none on Highway 101 or Interstate 280 north of Redwood City, but that conversation then evolved into talk of express lanes.

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Questions like where the money would go are being asked. Some officials wonder whether adding express lanes would cause congestion in the other lanes and push traffic onto neighborhood streets.

The proposal for express lanes may go before San Francisco supervisors in February.

Before you head out to your car, be sure to check out the ABC7 traffic maps for real-time information to help you navigate through traffic jams.
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