'Tear gas everywhere': CA Proud Boy's video of US Capitol riot could be used as evidence against group

WASHINTON D.C. (KGO) -- The FBI has been making arrests and trying to identify others who rioted at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

New evidence is surfacing Friday, from a firsthand account from a California member of the Proud Boys who was there.

This member of the Central Valley Proud Boys gave the I-Team's Dan Noyes permission to show his video, but it could become a problem for the group. It confirms that a national leader of the Proud Boys was there, leading dozens of members as they rushed the building.

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We first met Eddie Block covering Trump rallies and counter-protests in Sacramento. He has difficulty walking so he live-streams events from his scooter; but make no mistake. He's a full-fledged Proud Boy, earning his fourth degree of initiation into the group for a fight with anti-fascists last November.

Block said, "I don't know if I hurt the guy or not because I'm crippled, but I got my punches in."

Block flew to the nation's Capitol to attend the Trump rally Wednesday, met a large contingent of Proud Boys from across the country, and drove his scooter along with them to the Capitol building.

They chanted, "USA, USA, USA."

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"Unfortunately, we can now add Jan. 6, 2021 to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy," said Sen. Chuck Schumer. See how things escalated in our minute-by-minute video as chaos erupted.

Some in the crowd clearly prepared for battle, one in a helmet and protective vest holding a baseball bat. Block identified the Proud Boys national leadership, who were directing the group. Joe Biggs is the group's lead coordinator.

Their numbers swell as they approach the building. The Capitol complex stairs were a challenge for Block's scooter, but the Proud Boys lifted it down. Ahead of Block, pandemonium breaks out.

Block explains, "And all of a sudden, people just started rushing by me and rushing in there. And this one guy comes running down, these tears, mace running down his face. And he's like, 'Come on you mother f***s , there's more of us than them. Let's go back up there.' Flash bombs going off. Rubber pellets were flying everywhere. Tear gas was everywhere."

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You can see on Block's video how rioters climbed the Capitol's scaffolding. Several Proud Boys lifted his scooter up more stairs to give him a perch on the second balcony from the top.

Block said he wanted to be the last person remaining on the balcony, "Because I know if the cops rush, they're not exactly going to be able to force me to get down."

He was able to live-stream from there, as the chaos inside turned deadly. As the sun went down, police regained control. Block said, "The cops just stormed, took everybody off, but I'm still up here."

Block was the last of the mob on the balcony, and an officer finally ordered him to leave. Police did not arrest him, but offered to help him down three stairs. He declined and took a tumble. Finally, riding off into the night, back to his hotel.

Block is now back home; he says he expects more protests on Inauguration Day. We'll see whether the FBI's crack down on those who rioted will have an impact.
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