Flying Experiment: 20-hour non-stop flight takes to the air

Passengers were welcomed aboard for the longest commercial flight in world history.

Qantas is making an experimental trip from New York to Sydney, Australia-- It's called Project Sunrise.

According to the airline, it is a 20 hour non-stop flight. On board-- 50 passengers and crew.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be a laboratory to monitor the health effects of long-haul flights. To prevent jet lag, passengers will switch immediately to Sydney time.

Instead of dimming the lights, passengers will be kept up for at least six hours. They'll eat peppers and spicy food to help keep them awake.

Pilots will wear brain monitoring equipment to test alertness.

The jet will carry 101 tons of fuel and fly a total distance of 10,200 miles.

The plane is called the Kookaburra.
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