Deluge of rain wilts flower power in Bay Area

ByMelanie Woodrow via KGO logo
Saturday, March 9, 2019
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From San Francisco, to Petaluma, to Santa Rosa, recent rain is making an impact on quality of flowers and subsequent sales.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Brianna Foehr, Owner of Church Street Flowers in San Francisco shares the good and the bad of all the recent rain here in the Bay Area when it comes to flowers.

"We'll take as much rain here in California as we can get, when we get so much all at once sometimes it can be damaging to entire crops," said Foehr.

"Some of the flooding up in the Santa Rosa, Petaluma area, a lot of garden rose growers, things like ranunculus that are really sensitive and have really thin petals, if they get rained on, they'll start to mold," said Foehr.

"Most things are tented, but when creeks overflow and rivers overflow, the water goes wherever it wants to go. I definitely have some growers who I've heard unfortunately certain product isn't available because it got destroyed by all the rain, hopefully that means in the long run we'll get some really beautiful stuff in the next couple of months," Foehr continued.

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