SF clears RV homeless encampment along Lower Great Highway in Outer Sunset District

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Saturday, April 27, 2024
SF clears RV homeless encampment along Lower Great Highway
San Francisco cleared an RV encampment along Lower Great Highway in the Outer Sunset District, gauging mixed reviews among those affected.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In San Francisco's latest attempt to tackle the homeless crisis, one local leader has successfully lobbied to change the way some people park in the Outer Sunset District -- but not everyone's on board.

"We need a functioning city. Our streets need to work. We need access for parking. People need to be able to use the parking spaces," said District 4 Supervisor Joel Engardio, referring to a popular RV encampment along the Lower Great Highway, between Lincoln and Kirkham.

Earlier this week his plan went into action -- with freshly painted parking spots and new lane lines -- now forcing people to park on angle.

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"We did outreach to the RV dwellers to let them know they can't stay here. If they needed services, we offered services. Some people took services, some people drove away. If we found a vehicle that was stolen, or unregistered, or unable to drive, then it was towed away."

Still, some question the accessibility of the services provided.

"If you're providing services that are requiring you to run through all of these hoops, that's the reason there's disinterest. And to then make our lives further difficult, it's just really, it's crappy," said Steven Stimbrosky, who lives in this camper. He added that cutting people off from the parking isn't the answer. "We're resilient, so it's not detrimental on our overall outlook, but it's what keeps people in their position."

Neighbors, however, described unsafe and unhealthy living conditions, drug use and violence from the encampments.

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"Here's the deal about being out in the Outer Sunset. It's all about being a good neighbor, whether they're homeless or not," said Krista Boscoe, who has lived in the Outer Sunset for more than 25 years, adding that living near the encampment has taken a toll. "It's truly at a crisis point. Where the folks who are out here have refused care and refused services."

"It's not working. It's getting dangerous out here. We would really like to know what we could do, because all we keep hearing is our hands are tied," said Jen Dougherty, who also lives nearby.

"I want to be clear that not everyone is a bad neighbor," Boscoe said. "There are people living in their RVs and car that we care for and want to protect, and then there are people abusing that."

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