San Mateo students promote respect, understanding during protest that drew hundreds

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- Hundreds of students Tuesday stormed out of three San Mateo High schools to protest the results of the presidential election.

It's the seventh straight day Bay Area students have taken to the streets.

The students said their message was one of respect and understanding in the face of the divisive, harsh rhetoric of the elections. A press release from the superintendent said leaving class would result in an unexcused absence, but that did not deter students.

The largest group came from San Mateo High. About 300 left their classrooms. Many others in the school of 1,700 did not join.

"They're walking just to go with somebody else and be followers and that's what I think people are doing today," said San Mateo High School student Mikos Maheras.

"The elections are already over and all these rallies are really pointless to me," said San Mateo High School student Nick Peters.

As they marched toward Central Park in downtown San Mateo, those along the way expressed their support.

Jessica Millan is an alum from San Mateo High.

"Seeing these kids support something they truly believe in just really makes me proud," Millan said.

At the park, the young demonstrators from San Mateo High were joined by those from Aragon and Hillsdale high schools.

The crowd grew to about 1,000 students. Justin Sell is a student government leader form Aragon. He wanted to clarify a misconception.

"Pro-respect, pro-love, pro-acceptance. Pro-understanding. It's not anti-Trump," said Sell said.

Student after student reiterated that theme.

"This whole election divided so many people. We should stay united," said Monserrat Diaz, an Aragon High School student.

"We should all come together as one even though we have different beliefs and different backgrounds," said Aragon High School student Luiza Velloso.

For the students, voicing their beliefs was democracy in action.

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