Santa Clara County court clerks strike for third day over salary increase

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- It's day three of a strike affecting the Santa Clara County Court System.

Hundreds of court workers walked the picket line Friday in downtown San Jose demanding greater pay. The strikers say that they're tired of being pushed around.

Outside the Superior Courthouse on North First Street, a sense of panic set in for Oroville resident Laurie Adams.

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"I'm taking a chance with putting them into the brown box system, and hoping that they stamp them today," Adams said.

Adams traveled to San Jose by train to file a lawsuit, not knowing about the on-going strike by court clerks in Santa Clara County.

"I'm not sure if everything's going to go right, you know, I'm risking everything right now," Adams said.

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More than 300 clerks are walking the picket lines hoping for a better pay raise than the offer that's currently on the table. More specifically, they want additional funds to make up eight years without a raise, or even a cost of living adjustment.

One clerk, who has been living in a homeless shelter since November, says that she's had a tough time surviving in Silicon Valley on her current wage.

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"I have to leave the current shelter I'm at in a few weeks, and I have nowhere else to go right now. It's just been so discouraging because I can't find a place to live," said one clerk.

Court administrators Friday struggled to maintain essential legal services at 11 courthouses across the county.

Some hearings have been postponed because of staffing shortages. Legal document runners said that many attorneys who handle cases in this court are getting nervous.

"They're being impacted because they have their last day to file, they're going to possibly get sanctioned. Their hearing dates aren't probably going to be heard," said Ana Cervantes.

The union has vowed to remain on strike until they can get a better deal.
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