Suspect in Santa Clara murder of Safeway butcher gives his version of events

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- Gage McCartney, 25, accused of murdering Raynard Hyde, 54, on July 19 in Santa Clara did not appear at his arraignment on Friday. But the court unsealed a Statement of Facts document that outlined McCartney's version of what happened.

McCartney missed the arraignment because he's sick, but he wasn't taken to the hospital.

McCartney and Hyde were co-workers in the meat department of a Safeway in Santa Clara.

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McCartney said they left work together on July 19, according to the Statement of Facts.

After eating dinner together and drinking, a confrontation occurred at a nearby park, according to McCartney, which led McCartney to squeeze Hyde's neck.

Hyde fell to the ground and McCartney said he thought Hyde was only unconscious. McCartney said he walked away and went home.

Hyde's body was discovered early the next morning.

A memorial has been set up at a park bench near where the body was found.

McCartney's arraignment has been rescheduled for Monday July 30.
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