Local law enforcement help under-served kids with shopping spree

CAMPBELL, Calif. (KGO) -- Santa Claus doesn't always where a red suit and beard. Sometimes, he or she wears a badge.

About 100 under-served kids got $160 for the 8th Annual Shop With A Cop at Target on Wednesday.

More than 80 students from Santee Elementary School in San Jose met law enforcement from several different agencies in the Bay Area.

Guy McIntyre isn't an officer, but as a former lineman for the San Francisco 49ers. He protected Joe Montana. Today, he's shopping for Samuel.

After a breakfast, a police escort brought the students to the Target store on Coleman Avenue.

Each child gets $160 to shop for their loved ones.

Campbell cop Edith Garcia escorted third grader Ruby Ortiz.

"I'm shopping for my family," said Ortiz.

Ortiz's shopping list includes her brother, sister, parents and grandparents.

It's an opportunity she earned through reading and achievement in the classroom.

Officer Garcia sees today as a gift as well.

"It keeps us sane, too. We deal with so much crazy stuff every day, it's nice to come out and do something nice and normal with the community," said Garcia.

Some the kids were invited to today's event because they've experienced a loss of a parent due to domestic violence in their home.
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