The ballroom meets wine country with Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy at SAVOR After Hours

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Ballroom meets wine country!
SAVOR After Hours is an intimate and multi-sensory evening of wine tasting and performances.

NAPA VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Award-winning dancers Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy are reimagining wine tasting experiences through their new show, SAVOR After Hours. The event is a multi-sensory evening of wine tasting and live performances featuring the talented duo and a cast of dancers.

"We have magic, we have illusion," explained Val. "As the guests of our show, you're going to be seated in roundtables, you're going to be part of the show."

"It's an amazing opportunity for us to continue our craft and carry on with what we've been doing with live performances," added Maks. "We can't wait to put on a show first and foremost, but I think the fact that it's a wine tasting experience, we wanted it to be birthed in a place like Napa."

The event will take place in the Jam Cellars Ballroom at the Napa Valley Opera House where guests will experience a wine pairing flight accompanied by a performance that immerses them in an electrifying blend of dance, music, illusions, and more.

"I think wine in general connects a lot of people, we want to give it a new take on the art of wine presentation," said Maks.

"We want to celebrate the Napa Valley culture and the culture of wine and obviously everything that comes with it," Val added. "We love the Bay Area and Northern California and so it's wonderful to be here all throughout the summer."

Guests are encouraged to get up and dance with Maks and Val.

"We love breaking the wall between the performer and the audience, we've always done it" stated Maks. "We had a great transition from television back to live performances."

The Dancing with the Stars alum continued, "Live audiences is always an incredible opportunity, it's a beautiful experience."

Experience SAVOR After Hours this summer June 3-September 3, 2023.

"Ballroom dance, which we specialize in, it's referred to as the jazz of dance," expressed Val. "Wine tasting is a sophisticated form as well, and so bringing those two experiences and making it accessible to all people...this is a high-end experience brought to you in an affordable way."

For more information visit here and be sure to follow @savorafterhours on Instagram.