Toys that will actually keep kids off their screens

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Friday, October 6, 2023

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There is a link between more screen time and developmental delays for babies, according to a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics. With all the options available at our fingertips, it's more important than ever to keep kids engaged in learning in different ways. From getting kids outdoors and exercising to using their imaginations in different ways, there are a plethora of toys that can help parents and keep kids happy.

Check out our list of seven engaging toys that also make for excellent gifts this holiday season.

1. Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set

Unlock your children's imagination with this storytelling, music, and education experience. Kids can start a new adventure by simply placing their favorite characters on top of box. This kit comes with favorites like Woody, Lightning McQueen, Simba, Winnie-the-Pooh and will keep your kid entertained for hours.

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2. Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery is beloved by parents and kids alike. Their kits are uniquely designed to fit the needs of children ages 1-5. After your first Play Kit, you'll get a new one with toys that will engage your little with at each stage of their growth.

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3. National Geographic Glowing Marble Run

This set is one of the most gifted marble runs on Amazon and will teach your kids some basics about physics and aerodynamics. What makes this set particiularily unique are the 6 glow int eh dark glass marbles that you can track as they race down your own run.

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4. Lego Minecraft The Llama Village

Is your kid obsessed with playing Minecraft? Take their virtual hobbies into the real world with this LEGO Minecraft set. Legos are always a great way to engage young minds, and this set is currently 20% off!

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5. Melissa & Doug Freestanding Wooden Fresh Mart Grocery Store

Does your child think the grocery store is the most exciting place ever? This Melissa & Doug pretend supermarket will let you go to the market every day in the comfort of your home. Let your kid's imagination run wild complete with a hand-cranked conveyor belt, beeping scanner, card swipe machine and cash drawer.

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6. The Big Dig Sandbox Digger

Get your kid outside in all seasons with this ride-on excavator toy. Kids will live out their construction site dreams and have a blast digging out sand, dirt, and even snow and

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7. Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

Have kids with boundless energy? Grab this Laser Tag set and get the whole family locked in for a day of fun. This laser tag set comes with sensors for your chest, back and the gun, and the fun never stops with fully rechargeable guns and vests

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