These are the 13 most trending last-minute Halloween costumes

ByChi Tran KGO logo
Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Halloween is coming soon, but you have not found your perfect costume yet. Don't worry, you're in the right place: This is a quick shopping guide for all the best costume ideas this spooky season - whether you're feeling like a soccer manager from Kansas or a chef at a Chicago sandwich shop, there's something for everyone here.

1. The Bear White T-Shirt and Apron

Turn into the best corner-walking, cousin-calling cook in town with this stylish white t-shirt. Couple it with this bestselling blue apron and you'll have everyone saying "Yes chef" to you all night long.

Image credit: Hulu

2. Weird Barbie

Let's be honest, everyone had a weird Barbie growing up, and it was usually the best one. Become your favorite childhood toy with this amazing costume, or if you're just feeling like normal Barbie, you might need a Ken too.

Image credit: Amazon

3. Ted Lasso costume

Whether you say soccer or football, Ted Lasso is the way to go for last-minute costumes this Halloween.

Image credit: Amazon

4. Scarecrow

Scarecrows are never going out of style, so get this timeless costume for all your Halloweens in the future.

Image credit: Amazon

5. Grady Twins Costume from The Shining

Come play with us this Halloween with this highly-rated Grady Twins costume and stand in a corner for maximum spook effect.

Image credit: Amazon

6. Skull Costume

This skull print costume was a bestselling hit last Halloween, and its beautiful design will remain iconic for Halloweens to come. Get your skeleton on now!

Image credit: Amazon

7. LED mask

If you're feeling lazy, this is the perfect costume for you. Pop it on with this beautiful Lululemon hoodie and you've become a mysterious hacker for Halloween.

Image credit: Amazon

8. Top Gun Costume

Take to the skies in these Top Gun costumes, available for both men and women. Don't forget your sunglasses and volleyball.

Image credit: Amazon

9. Progressive Flo Insurance Costume

The Progressive ads are a staple of pop culture at this point, so become your favorite insurance agent this horror season.

Image credit: Amazon

10. Plague Doctor

Plague Doctors have been around for centuries, and they'll keep coming back every Halloween for a little fun in the hallow streets.

Image credit: Amazon

11. Among Us Costume

Remember when that NYU student went viral for his Among Us costume? That could be you if you dare.

Image credit: Amazon

12. Spider-Man Kid Costume

Your kid will never stop bugging you if you don't buy them the PS5 Spider-Man 2 bundle, so get them the second best costume instead.

Image credit: Amazon

13. Shrek costume

This is iconic, because why wouldn't you want to be Shrek this Halloween?

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