BART plans new crackdown on rule breakers, fare evaders

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- BART says it's cracking down on rule breakers, in an attempt to make riders feel safe.

The transit system says expect to see more BART police and fare inspectors the next time you board a train.

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ABC7 is looking at ways of Building a Better Bay Area, we asked riders if BART'S new plan will make them feel safer.

Some riders say every commute can be an adventure-- and not in a good way.
"I've seen a lot of weird things," said one unidentified rider.

Then there are the rule breakers. Fare evaders who don't have a ticket and jump the gates.

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"I see people skipping the gates everyday I ride, It's irritating, since i'm paying," said BART rider Woody Gaines.

BART has heard the complaints and is responding with an increased presence of officers and fare inspectors, many who will be working overtime even on thier days off.

"We've heard from riders, they want to see more employee presence throughout fare gates, platforms and stations," said BART spokesperson Alicia Trost.

Safety remains a top concern among riders. A recent stabbing on a richmond bound train left a rider wounded. And the murder of Nia Wilson at the MacArthur station last summer-- stabbed by a man she didn't know.

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Some riders are skeptical about the new crackdown.

"Sometimes you hear something on the news but after a week or two, you don't see them at all," said Stephanie Grimm.

Others are optimistic the increased presence will help.

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