KNOW AND TELL: Elderly couple reunited after long separation

A Canadian couple married 62 years was overcome with emotion after being reunited. Wolfram and Anita Gottschalk, of British Columbia, Canada, had been placed in separate nursing homes for the better part of a year due to a backlog in the health care system.

Wolfram, who is 83-years-old, was first put in an assisted living home in January for health complications from dementia. Four months later Anita, who is 81-years-old, entered assisted living, but was put into a different home than her husband. Wolfram was placed on a waiting list so he could move in with Anita, but is still stuck without his sweetheart.

They've been together since they got married in 1954. They're completely infatuated with each other and have been together in sickness and health.

Their story went viral and now they're shedding "happy tears" and will spend their years side by side.

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