Reimagine End of Life sparks conversations about life and death

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A week-long series of events centered on the big questions of life and death runs through Sunday in San Francisco.

One of the events is taking place at Aquatic Park where Artist Emily Payne is paying tribute to her late father.

Payne's father drowned when she was 10 years old.

"It was an unfinished life in some ways that he had but here I am working inspired by him," said Payne.

Payne is creating an outdoor wall drawing dedicated to her father.

"I thought I have to do this," said Payne.

Brad Wolfe, the event's founder, says he felt that same calling.

Years ago he played music at the bedside of a friend who later passed away.

"Really showed me the power of art to connect especially at a time like end of life," said Brad Wolfe, Founder and Executive Director of Reimagine.

What began as a prototype in 2016 with just 30 events has grown this year to 175 events attended by 7-thousand people.

"Some people have wondered if I'm you know morbid," said Wolfe.

Wolfe says he's not.

"It's not really about death per se it's more about life," said Wolfe.

Douglas Finer, attending from Austin, Texas discovered that to be true for him. He's says he's processing his roommates suicide.

"I got to track what's it like for someone to actually terminate their life but right now I'm examining what's it like for me to fully live so I won't need to go to that place," said Finer.

There are numerous art installations including a phone booth to call a lost loved one along with more practical matters.

"Ways for people to prepare for their own end of life experience," said Wolfe.

A week-long event that uses mortality as a mirror, creating space for healing.

"There's like sadness and darkness and fear is a big part of it but also humor and laughter and love," said Wolfe.

Click here for a list of events.
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