Draymond Green: Refs applying double standard to me

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green said he is playing with a "different set of rules" after receiving his 12th technical foul of the season Friday night at Minnesota.

Green expressed frustration about a technical he received after a third-quarter personal foul onTimberwolvescenter Karl-Anthony Towns in the Warriors' 103-102 loss.

"How I get a technical for trying to stop continuation?" Green asked. "I don't know. I guess I got to play by different rules than the rest of the NBA. That one really sticks with me. What's that, my 11th tech? Thirteen? Damn. How many do I really got is the question? I don't know. Different set of rules."

The Warriors were also hit with a questionable late-game call that sent Andrew Wiggins to the line for a pair of free throws that put the Timberwolves up for good. Wiggins attacked the glass and Zaza Pachulia and Green challenged the shot. There was little contact, but Pachulia was hit with the foul, his sixth and final.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he didn't see a foul. Green agreed.

"I was right there," Green said. "I went vertical."

Green repeatedly joked that he wasn't going to waste money on a likely fine by the NBA by complaining over the officiating.

"I thought about taking a fine tonight. I really did," Green said. "I truly thought about taking a fine tonight. But I'm not wasting my $25,000."

Green waited about 45 minutes before addressing the media after the game.

"That's a long time," he said. "I contemplated for a long time whether I was just going to give the 25 (thousand dollars) up and wash my hands with it. I'm going to go buy myself a nice watch tonight with that $25,000 I thought about spending tonight. I'm going to post it on Twitter. Not Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. I'm going to go buy myself a nice gift for the discipline I showed tonight."

Information from ESPN's Chris Haynes was used in this report.

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