ESPN: Warriors, other NBA teams fueled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- What's fueling the NBA? It's not vegetables or fancy energy drinks; something apparently much simpler than that. According to ESPN, players just can't get enough of the simple PB&J.

They say the sandwich revolution was born from the Kevin Garnett and the 2007-08 Boston Celtics, when the classic sandwich became part of his pregame routine and he said, "We're going to need PB&J in here every game now."

For the Golden State Warriors, the PB&J craze apparently appeared in Oct. 2015 on the team's first flight of the season, when a newly appointed Head of Physical Performance and Sports Medicine Lachlan Penfold outlawed the sandwich, to the shock of players and coaches alike. He explained, "Sorry, mate, we're not doing sugar."

ESPN says this was the "first shot fired in the Great PB&J War of 2015."

A Smucker's strawberry with Skippy creamy is said to be a go-to pregame meal for Dubs star Stephen Curry, who entered the fray to win the war.

After that, Penfold relented, "A peanut butter and jelly sandwich every now and again wouldn't kill them. I wouldn't eat it, but you know, whatever turns you on, you know?"

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