Larry Beil and Casey Pratt vs. Reggie Aqui: ABC7 Twitter war and peace

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- After Larry Beil and Casey Pratt celebrated World Trick Shot Day, ABC 7 Mornings Anchor Reggie Aqui questioned their efficiencies on the air. A video retort was in order -- thus a Twitter war was born, just for fun of course.

Here is a complete chronicle of the back-and-forth between Reggie, Casey and Larry. Trust us, you'll get a kick out of it.

It all started with this video celebrating National Trick Shot Day:

It then escalated to an on-air callout from Reggie:

And more shade from Reggie:

Which then turned into full-blown Twitter banter:

After the banter simmered between the three ABC7 staffers, Reggie decided to wave the white flag and surrender.

Of course, this is all fun and games. You put up a good fight Reggie. But we're all making a note: Do not mess with the sports department unless you want your face put on the back of a mini-hoop.

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