NBA considers longer All-Star break

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The NBA is considering extending the All-Star break into a seven-day hiatus next season, according to a report by the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Citing multiple sources, the Sun Sentinel reported that the league currently is using the week-long All-Star break as its "model" while filling out the 2014-15 season.

The NBA could, however, revert back to its traditional four-day break at any point before officially releasing the schedule next month, according to the report.

If the league decides to implement the seven-day break, each team would consequently have at least one more back-to-back set of games, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Several of the NBA's biggest stars, including LeBron James, have lobbied the league to extend the break.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed in February that he met personally with James during All-Star Weekend in New Orleans to discuss a longer break.

"One of the issues LeBron raised is a break during All-Star [Weekend]," Silver said during a radio interview with ESPN. "[For] a guy like LeBron, All-Star Weekend is not a break for him in any way. He's going around the clock with a combination of things the league is asking him to do, personal commitments, and I think it makes sense if we can work in the schedule a few days so the All-Stars can get a break as well."

Silver added at the time that a schedule change of that magnitude would have to be negotiated with the players' association.'s Marc Stein contributed to this report.