Oakland May Day demonstration held over Athletics' plan for new ballpark

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- It wouldn't be a May 1 without chanting and marching crowds.

They're main ingredients of May Day, as observed around the world.

"It is about workers who are protecting public good over private gain," said demonstrator Sean Gleason, a teacher in Oakland.

And it was about winning hearts and minds as they pertain to the Port of Oakland's Charles P. Howard Terminal. The Athletics want to build a new stadium there.

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Members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union's Local 10 say not in their backyard. They see it as a misguided, desperate plan... with a price.

"Jobs being lost. This is only the beginning," said longshoreman Joe Diaz.

"We need more docks. More infrastructure coming into the West Coast. We need more. Not less," added Ricky Cox, another longshoreman.

The Oakland A's issued a statement Wednesday supporting the union. It reads, in part: "We fully respect and support ILWU's right to express themselves. We have met with them on multiple occasions and have incorporated their valuable feedback into our plans."

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The Port told ABC7 Wednesday that nothing has been decided regarding the Athletics. No hint of whether there would be a land sale, a lease, or a deal at all. From spokesman Mike Zampa: "The Port of Oakland approved a five-year strategic plan. And it calls for record maritime growth into the next decade. The port will not jeopardize its long-term interests."

And from Rebecca Kaplan from the Oakland City Council: "We want to make sure the local people get hired, are treated fairly, and that people get paid a living wage."

At the end of this day -- nothing is decided.

We heard talking points restated, loudly, on May Day, 2019 in the East Bay.

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