Steph Curry praises Seth but will gladly take the win, mom ditches pregame drink

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- One of the great storylines to the Warriors-Trail Blazers playoff series is it is Curry vs. Curry.

Steph and Seth going head-to-head marks the first time brothers have faced one another this deep in the NBA playoffs.

According to Steph, game 2 was the perfect outcome: Seth had a good game, finishing with 16 points and picking his brother's pocket a few times, but the Warriors got the win.

The family affair has definitely affected parents Dell and Sonya.

Their decision as to who wears what to the games has been well-documented with the parents going with split jerseys.

One brother's team on the front, the other team on the back.

Dell added a new wrinkle to the Curry family dilemma during Thursday night's game.

During an interview he said Sonya is so stressed about the brothers playing each other she has been skipping her traditional pregame cocktail!

At least the family knows one of the brothers is going to be playing for a championship, it's just a question of whether it is Steph or Seth.

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