Trucking company experiences backlog at Port of Oakland as supply chain issue continues

ByRyan Curry KGO logo
Thursday, November 18, 2021
Trucking company experiences backlog at Port of Oakland
Supply chain problems continue to cast a shadow over the upcoming holiday season, now with Oakland trucking companies feeling the stress.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Governor Gavin Newsom appeared at the Long Beach Port to go over how the state is trying to improve to on-going issue with the supply chain. He explained how some shipping companies are moving to Oakland to ease congestion in Southern California.

"We're seeing an increase in cooperation from the carriers, to move some of this stress to Northern California," he said.

The Port of Oakland says they have the capacity to allow more ships to dock in Oakland.

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"We have the capacity," said Roberto Bernardo, with the port. "We can take on more cargo, and we are welcoming shippers to reinstate services."

However, the supply chain issue isn't just about easing congestion on the water. Local trucking companies are also feeling the impact. AB trucking says drivers are waiting hours to pick up cargo.

"We should be able to do two moves a day, and we can barely even do one." said Bill Aboudi, operations manager at AB Trucking. "Unless we get in line pick up the container the day before and then we deliver it the next day."

Aboudi says he drivers will wait as long as 10 hours just to pick up one container. He says Port of Oakland doesn't seem to have enough workers. The Port claims it's union hired hundreds over the summer. Those workers, however have to undergo extensive training. With more ships coming to Oakland in the coming weeks, they port hopes to hire more workers.

"Doc workers job is highly specified," Bernardo said. "Crane operators, workers who are on the ground, who are on the terminal, whole variety and spectrum of jobs."

Aboudi says his truckers can sometimes face penalties for delays. If they pick up a container from a supplier, they have a certain amount of time to return it. If they don't Aboudi says those penalties are expensive"

"The penalties are not cheap," he said. "They range from 130 dollars a day all the way to 550 a day."

He says the Governor should pay as much attention to the truckers as he does the ports.

"They should be coming to talk to us," Aboudi said. "We are the ones dealing with it on a daily basis."