Taylor Swift makes $3k donation to fan struggling during coronavirus pandemic

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Friday, April 3, 2020
Taylor Swift makes donation to struggling student
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Taylor Swift found a way to give back to a fan struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

CONNECTICUT -- A Taylor Swift fan in Connecticut will probably be a fan for life after getting some much-needed help from the generous pop star.

Jessica Buslewicz spotted a notification on her phone on April Fools Day.

But what was written there was no joke, a $3,000 donation and a personal message from Taylor Swift.

Swift made the donation after the college student posted on her Swift-themed blog about struggling to make ends meet during this crisis.

"I think it shows the good in people. Ultimately, we're all struggling right now. I love her, I've always supported her, and I know this is the kindness she has," Buslewicz said.

Buslewicz, who met Swift backstage at a concert in 2018, says the simple act of kindness will make a huge difference in her life.

She says the money will go to household bills and whatever's left over, will go towards her next semester of school.