Facebook Developer Conference moves to San Jose for more space

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Downtown San Jose is taking Facebook away from San Francisco. Everywhere you go around the Convention Center, you can see the footprint of Facebook -- a new reality for the capital of Silicon Valley.

San Jose welcomed thousands of people to one of the biggest developers conferences in the world on Tuesday. This year's F8 Conference is booming with talent from around the world, with a 30 percent increase of international attendees compared to last year.

A huge line formed for the keynote address by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Sessions include topics like understanding gaming video on Facebook, Facebook analytics for apps and delivering real time AI in the palm of your hand. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a big focus in the tech world.

"When you're talking about artificial intelligence, it's not just like chatbot. And have those self-driving cars and that dilemma, should I protect the driver or should I protect the pedestrian. So, lots of questions are going to be asked in the next few years and we're excited to be a part of it," Movile spokesperson Victor Batista said.

While Facebook's stock continues to rise, the Menlo Park company has faced criticism over fake news and the video of a murder that was uploaded over the weekend.

"I think they're working on addressing those issues. It's natural, when there are that many people on the platform, to have these things come up. But I think they're trying to work on it," Octane AI's Megan Berry said.

F8 isn't the only big event moving south. Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference, with 5,000 attendees, is moving here in June.

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