Intel unveils garage of the future in Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Intel took the wraps off a new garage Wednesday where engineers will tinker with the cars of the future as self-driving cars inch closer to your driveway than ever before.

While the ribbon cutting was quiet, the innovation inside will echo around the world. "It's looking around to see if there's a safe distance and changing lanes," Intel representative Anthony said.

Anthony may be in the driver's seat, but really, he's just along for the ride.

The cars have sensors and cameras pointed in every direction, allowing the car to generate so much data that within a week, the trunk would be filled with hard drives. The trick is how to use all that data, and then quickly make room for more.

Intel is teaching the cars to drive in different countries. "In the U.S. we have left freeway exits, we have right turns on red," BMW Engineer Grant Mahler said.

With no human to talk to, designers have to figure out how you'll interact with the car, from how long you need to hold the button down to how the car will convince you to trust it. "People obviously want to feel safe, they want to feel comfortable; physically comfortable yes, but more importantly psychologically comfortable," Intel Internet of Things Creative Director Matt Yurdan said.

An autonomous BMW could hit the market by 2021.