2017: Messages of thanks from our ABC7 family to you

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 2017 gave us all a lot to talk about. Our words of thanks are inspired by telling your stories.

We're proud to cover every community, every meaningful moment where you live -- because we live here, too.

Thank you, Bay Area, for sharing your year with ABC7.

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These are our personal messages of thanks to you:

Melanie Woodrow

I often meet people on their brightest or darkest days. I am especially thankful to everyone who courageously shares their story and stands in their truth.

Michael Finney

Every day, Bay Area viewers inspire me to be a better consumer advocate. Thanks for your support and faith. I am truly honored to have your back.

Laura Anthony

Thank you, Bay Area, for giving me a window into your world, for telling me what matters most to you and for trusting me to tell your story.

David Louie

After covering the Bay Area for some 45 years, I am inspired by the generosity, commitment and dedication of thousands in our communities who volunteer and strive to make life better for our children, seniors, the disadvantaged and many others. Their efforts remind me that reporters play a key role in sharing these stories of inspiration to encourage others to do the same. That includes me. We're all better off as a result.

Sandhya Patel

Thank you, Bay Area, for trusting in me to bring you the forecast nightly. It's an honor to have your loyalty for so many years! Here's hoping 2018 brings us many storms without the damage!

Carolyn Tyler

You've heard the expression "only in San Francisco" and I think that's true. The city is my beat and reporting on this unique, quirky, confounding treasure never gets old. Thank you to the entire Bay Area for sharing your stories with me for the past three decades.

Matt Keller

San Jose is my home and filled with my family and friends. Thanks for letting me tell your stories.

Kristen Sze

Growing up as an immigrant in the Bay Area, my dream was to report the news in this diverse and dynamic community. For nearly 20 years now, I've been living that dream, thanks to you. Thank you for your open minds and open hearts.

Leslie Brinkley

It's a real gift everyday to be on the front lines of "real life" -- meeting new people from every community across this big, beautiful Bay Area. We are in this together, and putting a voice to your stories is something empowering for all of us.

Katie Utehs

We are there during the darkest and brightest of circumstances. Thank you for trusting us to get it right and letting us shine a light on your stories.

Lyanne Melendez

I never thought that when my parents put me in an all Spanish-language school, it would serve me as a journalist in the Bay Area. Now, more than ever, I feel a great responsibility to the Hispanic community here. In these times of distrust and persecution, I thank all communities of color for allowing me tell your stories and for trusting me. Gracias a mi gente y a mi comunidad.

Jonathan Bloom

As a kid, I read about two guys named Steve who made history from a garage in Cupertino, and I wanted to see the magical place called Silicon Valley where great ideas were born. Thank you, Bay Area, for giving me a front row seat to the history that's being made here every day, as the world's brightest innovators tackle some of the world's toughest problems.

Jessica Castro

Thank for welcoming me into such a magnificent part of the world! I feel lucky to call the Bay Area home. You constantly inspire, amaze, and innovate. Thank you for letting me tell your stories!

Janine DelaVega

I'm proud to report in the South Bay, where I was born and raised. It's my community, too, and I care about what happens. Thank you, Bay Area. It's a privilege to tell your stories.

Wayne Freedman

Thank you, Bay Area, for a front row seat to 36 years of our history. Thank you for granting a license to ask questions, to find answers, and share stories showing the inherent good in you.

Dan Ashley

The chance to report the news and to be part of this incredible community in such a unique way for nearly a quarter of a century is a privilege and a joy. Every day I come to work, I learn something new about the Bay Area and the people who make it such a special place to live. People here are smart, caring, involved, and committed to making this an even more amazing place to be, and I just cherish the opportunity to tell those stories. Over the years, I have had the chance to meet so many remarkable people who are doing so much to make a difference, whether it is to help those in need, fighting the system for change, or building the local economy -- all are agents of change in their own way. Nowhere else in the country or the world is quite like the Bay Area, and that's exactly why we love it so dearly.

Cheryl Jennings

I am so grateful to my extended Bay Area family for trusting us for so many years. We have been through tough times and exciting times. And, through it all, we've learned that when you want the news, you turn to us. We're in this together. Love and gratitude to each and everyone of you, our beloved ABC7 family.

Larry Beil

It's a privilege to have this platform to report on incredible people, personalities and technologies in the Bay Area that affect the whole world. We are lucky to be here and thankful to have you watching.

Dan Noyes

So many ABC7 viewers have shared their private stories and challenges with me, in hopes of making a positive difference for others. I've stood with them in the face of adversity. Thank you for your courage, Bay Area!

Lonni Rivera

Thank you San Francisco Bay Area for being so cool and interesting. The Bay Area's uniqueness is equally matched by the wonderful people who call this place home. Sharing all your stories has been an honor. Super proud to be on a solid team of journalists reporting from one of the prettiest places on the planet. Thanks for sharing your stories and trusting us!

Vic Lee

Journalism icon Bill Moyers onces said, "Reporters are simply beachcombers roaming the shores of people's minds, talents and gifts." Thank you, Bay Area, for your trust and confidence in my reporting, allowing me to roam the shores here for almost five decades.

Reggie Aqui

Shout out to all my morning people who wake up early to work at the airport, the restaurant, the hospital, or getting on that tech shuttle and watching us. I know the grind isn't easy, but it's better together!

Cornell Barnard

I grew up in the Bay Area watching ABC7 and always dreamed of telling stories here. It's been an honor and a privilege that so many amazing people have shared their triumphs and tragedies with me in the place I love to call home. Thank you.

Lisa Argen

Weekend weather is a little more personal -- even a little more of a priority; so here's to you... biking, hiking and basking through it all!

Rick Quan

As a TV sports journalist, I've always felt a great responsibility to provide accurate, up-to-date information for our viewers. As the first Asian-American male anchor in the Bay Area, I believe I carry an extra layer of responsibility, one that I take very seriously.
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