Immerse yourself in wildlife soundscapes at the Exploratorium's 'The Great Animal Orchestra'

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Friday, July 28, 2023
Immerse yourself in 'The Great Animal Orchestra'
Celebrate the splendor of the animal world at the Exploratorium's premiere of "The Great Animal Orchestra."

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Take a sonic journey around the planet with The Great Animal Orchestra now at the Exploratorium.

"It is a sound insulated environment where you can enter and have a seat," Kirstin Bach, the Director Of Arts at the Exploratorium. "It's a darkened space and just be still and listen and take a journey with your ears."

The immersive audiovisual art experience celebrates the animal world and makes a plea for preserving it.

"This work was commissioned in 2016 for an exhibition in Paris by the Cartier Foundation," said Bach. "They brought together Bernie Krause with United Visual Artists to create an immersive environment that celebrates these ecological landscapes that Bernie recorded."

Bernie Krause has traveled the world recording and studying the sounds of natural habitats for 50 years.

"What you begin to realize is how complex and beautiful the natural world is," described Bach. "You'll hear a multi-layered environment, a sound environment that really is profound in a lot of ways. That helps you develop your appreciation for the complexity and the fragility of our natural world."

The Great Animal Orchestra is on view now through Oct. 15. Learn more here.