CHP cracking down on carpool cheaters along Highway 4

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CHP officials are cracking down on carpool cheaters during the morning commute along Highway 4, where they issued 200 citations in one day.

Officials issued 200 citations to carpool cheaters on Highway 4 Thursday.

CHP officials said they are also cracking down on carpool cheaters in Oakland, where they issued numerous citations just a few weeks ago.

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Oakland CHP officials say they issued 124 carpool citations in Oakland. Officers say they are responding to feedback from commuters, who told them carpool violations are a huge concern. Experts say with good reason-- they estimate that 30 percent of cars in the diamond lanes are driven by solo drivers.

There is a proposal on the table to dedicate to CHP patrols to enforce carpool regulation.

Cheating in the carpool lane may save time, but it is expensive to get caught because a ticket costs $491.

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