Group promoting street safety covertly installs cones on San Francisco streets

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- White cones have popped up around the San Francisco in an attempt by one group to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

These posts were installed overnight at Folsom and 13th Street. They look official but they aren't. The city did not put these out. An independent group did this. They call themselves SF Transformation and this isn't the only place they have struck

The cones also went out overnight at Geary and Leavenworth. The group was busy overnight and went out to four different locations. Members say these are called soft hit posts and they find that drivers do tend to slow down when they see them and make a wider turn so they don't hit the posts. The hope is to better protect pedestrians and bikers.

The group came together when two bicyclists were hit and killed in June. The city is responding and promising changes, but these residents decided to take their own action. They don't want their names or faces revealed.

"We really feel it's important to do two things. One, to show we can make really quick, easy changes that can make a difference in street safety. Two, also to draw attention to although the city is doing great work and there's great projects in the pipeline, it's not enough and it's not happening fast enough," said a man who identified himself as Joe.

They're remaining anonymous, but they are putting their work out there. There are some pictures of their new posts displayed on Twitter.

The city isn't quite sure what to do with the posts. Officials say they would remove this type of infrastructure, but they left the first round of posts the group put out because it seems to meet their criteria and they are planning to add their own permanent ones.

Now they have this new round of posts to consider and the group says they will be adding more. The city still studying the situation.

Newly released report by the DOJ says there are numerous indicators of bias against minority groups within the SFPD.
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