SF mayor pledges to spend $90M to re-pave torn up streets

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you're sick and tired of hitting potholes in San Francisco, relief should be coming your way. The mayor kicked off an ambitious new project on Monday to re-pave torn up streets.

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One look at the website for reporting complaints to San Francisco and you can tell potholes are a big problem. Ask any San Francisco driver -- chances are, they have their own pothole horror story.

"I actually hit one today in the Bayview District. I just hope that I don't damage my car because those repairs are really expensive," driver Kamesha Taylor said.

With that in mind, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee pledged to spend $90 million in the next two years to repair potholes and re-pave streets.

He made the announcement at a street resurfacing project on 29th Avenue between Cabrillo and Fulton.

This year's abundant rain has created many more potholes. They're not the only harmful to cars and buses, but dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists.

San Francisco has come a long way. A 2015 regional survey has the city as above average in pavement conditions. Some cities like Oakland and Berkeley are in worse shape.

Still, San Francisco wants to do better. It's giving extra attention right now to the Richmond District, where potholes reported by this Sunday are guaranteed to be filled in June.

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